Food to Go in Amillias Upstairs


Breakfast Burrito with Eggs, *Bacon, Potatoes, Cheese, Mushrooms, Salsa and Sour Cream ~ 12.00

Breakfast Sandwich with Eggs, Cheese  and choice of *Bacon, **Sausage, or Ham on Focaccia or a Croissant ~ 9.00

*Bacon & Eggs on a Croissant or Focaccia ~ 8.00  with cheese ~ 9.00

Provolone & Eggs on a croissant (Provolone can be crispy) ~ 8.00

Kristen’s Croissant: Ham, Eggs, Pepper Jack & Fresh Tomato ~ 9.50


Comes with Salad or Gluten Free chips (without: subtract $1)

BBQ Pork with Roasted Red Onion on Focaccia ~ 12.00

The BettyRock: †Turkey with Pesto & Dried Cranberry on Focaccia ~ 12.00

P.L.T.: Crispy Provolone, Lettuce, & Tomato on  Focaccia ~ 12.00

Thomas’s Marinated Tofu & Tahini Sandwich on Focaccia ~ 12.00

Chile Verde Burrito: Seasoned Pork with Green Chiles comes with  Salsa & Sour Cream ~ 13.00

New York Steak Sandwich with Sauteed Mushrooms, Provolone Cheese on Focaccia ~ 15.00


Chef’s Salad: Roasted Veggies, Turkey or Tofu, Marinated Onions, Crispy Provolone & Pickled Egg (comes with Garlic Bread) ~ 14.00

Chinese Chicken Salad ~ Small/9.00 . . . Large/13.00

Green Salad ~ Small/5.00 . . . Large/7.50

Add Avocado to Any Selection 2.00

Dressings: Blu Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette & Ranch

*no nitrates or nitrites      **locally made      †Willie Bird Turkey roasted in-house
Gluten Free Bread available by request.

We offer a variety of specials, fresh baked goods everyday,
& Organic Espresso to start your morning.

Call for additional daily offerings.